miércoles, 3 de diciembre de 2014

Block 1- Why do you think people are always in a hurry?

A life in a hurry

We live so fast, so we seem slaves of time that sometimes we forget to live. Many times, maybe life is why we are out of our hands while we're busy making other less important than we are neglecting things: dreams and illusions delayed at what price?

We run to try and get to work on time to pick the kids to fall asleep ... It seems that the only thing we do for sure is run. But would we be able to answer the question: Where do we run?

It is so important that retirees running, so they do not notice that in no hurry and have all the time in the world for them, also show signs of the haste that seems synonymous with importance.

The relevant people are busy, they have many things to do, are always running from one place to another, serving multiple phone calls, messages, whatsapps ...

It is as if life were a whirlwind that drags us so imperious and who is out of this great wheel, it's nothing, it's nothing.

Running forward, the new plans, the requirements to keep running.

But, where are we going? and Where are we?

Sometimes, by running both, we miss what we have close, both things and people. We like "elephant china shop", destroying everything in our path, destroying, what really matters is what is coming.

From these letters, without interest disturb you in your career, I invite you for a few minutes saboreéis your present, that conectéis with your feet, and discover things and wonderful people that surround you and, of course, you enjoy.

Just a few minutes and I hope you enjoy them.

A little exercise::

Is to make a list of what is really important to us, both people like things, papers, projects ..., trying to give them a priority, taking the time necessary to believe that in the end, the result is to our liking. When finished, I suggest you do a rough study of how you use your time; We could divide it into two blocks: time on weekdays and the weekends or in each case, depending on your activity.

Live free

Block 2- What are your expectations about the future?

The Expectations about the future

Talk of expectation is referring to dreams, ideals, projects, aspirations, possibilities, purposes which are focused on the future short, medium and long term to be a better person in the family, social, personal, educational, economic, labor aspect etc. However, when people have high aspirations that are not consistent with reality and has few or limited opportunities to fulfill their life expectancy, this situation triggers a state of frustration that makes people stop working and persist for their and overall goals for their life project.

  • For example, when a person values too high a target at a certain time and not met, frustrated, like the person who values a certain goal and get to go to college but can not expect to achieve. Therefore, young people should set expectations that fit their personal reality and strive to meet them. It is not enough to "want to be ...."
We need to "do something to become ...." In the course of life will be many expectations become reality while others do not for various reasons, however, the ideal is to work for those expectations are vital to life each, otherwise, if no expectations there will be an uncertain, unknown future and a life without horizons.

Some want to marry

Have a nice family.

Block 3- Why do people have regrets about things in their life?

The Guilt in people

Most People have remorse for His past and This Means They can not live a good present and can not proyectectarse to a Desired future.

When the Guilt enters our lives: seizes on us sadness, anger, resentment, etc.

Overcome with remorse short thoughts

In life we can make mistakes, but mistakes are often for others, not for us.
When acting willfully, that is, with every intention of doing harm, justice of life would be something logical for whom his purpose was hurt and made it.

pensamientos cortosOvercome with remorse short formate positive thoughts. The individual decision can affect the lives of others. It may happen that indirectly get to cause pain to others without having the intention to do so. And incredibly, most of us have come to harm without the slightest intention of doing so.

Remorse is based on what was done and there was regret, however the emotional burden can be heavy when external conditions seem to be pointing a finger prosecuting or avoiding you feel better.

Many people feel entitled to judge the actions of others and become more emotional harm by applying the silent, ignoring those who feel they do not deserve your time and even less affection. Take the role of judge and also often dare to speak more to destroy the image of someone who can not even defend themselves. It's amazing the number of people who judge others only because they disagree with them.

Block 4- Do you personally know any people who you think are heroes because of what they do to help others?Why? What do they do?

Heroe no layers

He is a man who is famous, illustrious, renowned for his virtues and deeds, which he offers his life to save others.


"There is no greater love than to give his life for his friends"

Jesus is someone you can be completely real. You can hang out with Him and be yourself, with no pretense and no action. Jesus is always loving you and you can talk to him about anything. He loves to talk with you about your dreams, aspirations and hopes. He wants to heal you of things from your past with whom you could be struggling. You are interested in your current challenges. He wants you when you're down mourn and rejoice with you in all your victories.

He is a man who is famous, illustrious, renowned for his virtues and deeds, which he offers his life to save others.eyenda

Jesus is a true hero, the as lived, love, suffered, this marks the lives of many people, and what you do with yours if you accept him as your Lord, your father, friend. The always be for you. Never leaves.

He makes other people have life, and help your neighbor. Realising towards others without anything in return. Only the gratitude that Jesus would do the same.